the 50 Babes Project

Mr. Michigan

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Mr. Michigan stands tall and proud to be part of the rebuild Detroit movement. He wields a vintage axe from Michigan's own Marble's (est. in 1892) with "rebuild" scrawled across the axe's handle. The origins of Paul Bunyun & Babe the Blue Ox are often credited to multiple states, however, his first appearance in print was penned by James MacGillivray in 1910 in the story "the Round River Drive" (hence the axe and Ox neck tattoo). Tucked snuggly in Luke's breast pocket, instead of a pocket square, is a Robocop action figure. The Robocop franchise takes place in Detroit, and once upon a time, a large state of Rocobop was even considered to be erected in downtown Detroit?! Adorned on Luke's wrist is an expertly crafted watch by Detroit local brand, Shinola. An Apple Blossom, the state flower, hangs on his lapel. Abandon Buildings are visible in the background with the graffiti "ZOMBIELAND" painted on the upper section. This area of forgotten & vacant buildings will be the future home of the Detroit Red Wings & entertainment District. The graffiti actually exists.


The 50 babes Project is a new series capturing beautiful babes (men & women) from each state. It is my love letter to the vintage postcards we all know and love.

printed with a border using archival inks.  signed, titled, and numbered (open editions are not numbered). "P" mark will not appear on your print.

open editions printed on archival flat, matte paper.

limited editions printed on thick archival, textured paper.

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