the 50 Babes Project

Mr. Kentucky

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Mr. Kentucky, Mike Maydak, friend and artist, sips Kentucky Straight Bourbon, one of my favorite liquors as well. He is wearing a jockey uniform and the background hints at the races and other jockey patterns of the Kentucky Derby. And as a friendly reminder to yourself, "Drink More Bourbon" is written on a post it note, which are exclusively manufactured in Cynthiana, KY.


The 50 babes Project is a new series capturing beautiful babes (men & women) from each state. It is my love letter to the vintage postcards we all know and love.

printed with a border using archival inks.  signed, titled, and numbered (open editions are not numbered). "P" mark will not appear on your print.

open editions printed on archival flat, matte paper.

limited editions printed on thick archival, textured paper.

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