the 50 Babes Project

Miss North Carolina

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A tip of the hat to the brothers of flight, the Wright Brothers, who made the first controlled powered airplane flights a few miles outside of the town Kitty Hawk at Kill Devil Hills. One of the brothers was always seen wearing a bowler hat, which can be seen in Lachlan's hands. Behind her, onlookers witness one of the Wright Brothers' famous flights. Below the horizon line is a green polka dot pattern that adorns every Krispy Kreme box of donuts - the donut shop was founded in Winston-Salem in 1937. A cigarette effortlessly dangles from her lips, hinting at the agricultural history and importance of the tobacco industry in North Carolina. The Tarheels color palette dominates the piece.


The 50 babes Project is a new series capturing beautiful babes (men & women) from each state. It is my love letter to the vintage postcards we all know and love.

printed with a border using archival inks.  signed, titled, and numbered (open editions are not numbered). "P" mark will not appear on your print.

open editions printed on archival flat, matte paper.

limited editions printed on thick archival, textured paper.

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