2016 Stock Sale

squints isn't afraid of this beast & neither should you.


I'm having quite a large sale on the site - only prints that are ready-to-ship will be disocunted, so your orders will be out quickly, but this means that quantities are limited - sold out prints will be re-listed at regular price.

The reason behind this sale is two-fold.

1. unfortunately, my flight was cancelled due to weather and i was not able to attend Wizard World New Orleans in early Jan. WW is not giving me a refund or allowing me to transfer my booth to another show. This sale will hopefully help recoop that booth fee.

2. i am in the process of transitioning into a print-to-order workflow. i will still be creating and printing everything myself, but moving to this model will allow me to make only what i need - giving me more space and profits to invest in more fun projects like pins, buttons, books, shirts, objects, and more.

These aren't the only changes that are taking place at PHQ in 2017. I will be limiting the amount of commissions I take on each month. I do not have a number in mind, but 2016 was spent creating too much work for hire and not enough for myself or the shop.

I'm looking to find a better balance between the two so I can continue to grow my portfolio and shop's offerings.

Thank you for the continued support,




greetings. and welcome to the biggest sale i've ever offered! no coupon code needed.

the shoctober sale is happening all month long! some quantities are limited, so act fast. the starlets will be $30 all month long and will only sell out if the edition sells out.

be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates on sales. for instance, all subcribers got a heads up that for the first week of october all starlets were $25 - now they are $30 for the rest of the month ($10 off).

two new starlets will be released this month; taylor swift & whomever recieves the highest vote. your write-ins will be tallied and considered with the options given. highest vote wins. the top 3 write-ins that aren't chosen will be used in next month's poll.

stay tuned, i have a few limited edition canvases adn framed art that will be available in the shop on monday.