Robots Welcome

Robots Welcome

Soundscapes of Jim Guthrie

i have to admit - keeping up with a blog is something i have always struggled with doing. that being said, i'm going to try and post more often - shit, maybe twice a month! GASP!

while working in the studio i'm often watching some sort of nonsense on the netflixes and the hulus - it's nice being surrounded by talking voices while working every day in solitude. it's the little things.

when not streaming video, i'm streaming music. i'm often getting delightfully lost in the music and soundscapes of Jim Guthrie. the soundtrack to Sword and Sworcery is simply amazing.

i find his music helps one become surrounded in the experience he composes for - mostly, video games. i'm anxiously awaiting CAPY's release this summer - Below, with Guthrie helming the soundtrack.