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Mr. Peen @ Dragon Con

"Mr. Clean" inspired promotional ad and coupon for The P is for Penis design by Keith P. Rein

Dragon Con is this week!** You can find me at TBL65 in the Comic & Pop Art Alley section. I will have my usual haul of prints, bottle openers, and stickers. HOWEVER, there will be big discounts on skateboards, framed art, and canvases.

I will not be discounting these items any further over the con weekend, so act fast to secure some 50 Babes and the Wood series on skateboards, some Slaughterhouse Starlets giclée canvases, and some unique (glow in the dark?) framed art.

So, I am often called Mr. Penis due to my studio name - in all honesty, I don't really care for it, but I will never be able to escape it - so it's time to embrace it. With a freshly shorn head I look like a nerdier, scrawnier, beardier version of Mr. Clean and used inspiration from some old Mr. Clean ads to create this template I'll be utilizing for promotional announcements, coupons, and giftcards.