Keith P. Rein // The P is for Penis

P15 Portrait Commission
from 65.00

Custom Digital Portrait

Only 3 available per month. An animal counts as a person, so you will need to choose 2 People if you want a portrait of a person and a pet together. This is a digital item, you will be emailed your illustration upon completion.

After completing your purchase, please email your photo(s) to

Once I finish your drawing, I will email you a hi-res digital file that you can print at your hearts content - as well as a smaller file for any online posting you may want to do.

Click here for the P15 Portrait Gallery

Draw Me!
P15 Gallery Print
from 8.00

Now you can add prints to your P15 Gallery Commission - Order as often as you like! I will match your order Name with your P15 Commission - if you have more than one P15 commission, email me after you place your order to specify the commission portrait you want printed. 

Print Me!